Choosing the right path can be difficult. Let's make it easier.

Salmondo is an innovative online tool for career counseling for students and schools.

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What is Salmondo?

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Salmondo is a web app designed for primary and secondary school students and their career counselors. It helps students to make the best possible decision regarding their future career and study pathway.
Psychological tests and Salmondo's other tools help students discover what careers and study fields fit their personality, interests and strengths. Subsequently Salmondo helps them plan their career and personal goals and supports them to continually work on their fulfilment.

Proven effect

of students confirm Salmondo helped them choose their career and study pathway.

of students would recommend Salmondo to their friends and schoolmates.

"Psychological tests and questionnaires can significantly improve the level of self-knowledge. I appreciate that Salmondo offers several tests and tools and supports students systematically."

Doc. PhDr. Martina Hřebíčková, Dr., DSc.
leading researcher of Institute of Psychology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Salmondo is the proud holder of a "Seal of Excellence" awarded by the European Commission.

Partner with us!

More than 15 000 students from hundreds of schools in the Czech Republic are already using Salmondo to make better decisions regarding their careers. Now we are looking for opportunities to introduce our tool to other countries too and we are looking for partners who can help us.
If you are a school or career counselor, psychologist, distributor in education or are simply interested in Salmondo, we invite you to try the international demo version of our tool and discuss your possible cooperation with us!
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